About us

Suji Yan

CEO, Founder

B.S. of Computer Engineering,
University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign,
The University of Tokyo,
Independent Journalist

Yisi Liu


M.S. & B.S. of Computer Science,
University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
Expert in NLP
[email protected]

Feihu Tang

Algorithm Advisor

B.S. Harbin Institute of Technology
CEO of Hangzhou Andromeda
Various Experiences in Startups
ex Google Blockchain Team
ACM/ICPC Regional Champion
BOP Champion

Our News

The Association for Natural Language Processing

The 24th Annual Conference, 2018

One of the world's most important conferences in artificial intelligence research collected technology authorities. Sujitech shared their studies in voice synthesis system. We can potentially employ this technology in creating Anime characters. May this create a new way of composition?

hack.init() will be held soon in Shanghai


Sujitech sponsors hack.init()——China's premier youth hackathon. It will kick out from July 8 to July 9, 2017. We are bringing together 300 talented young people from high schools and universities with their brightest minds across the country to Shanghai. They can share and fully exploit their minds. We welcome the participant warmly and emphasize on cultural diversity and fusion together.

Partners Meeting of FREES Fund

Suji on the Annual Meeting of 2017

FREES Fund, the investor of Sujitech held 2017 Annual Partners Meeting of FREES Fund. 30 attendants from investment and startup companies exchanged their ideas in the most cutting-edge areas.

Suji on GMIS 2017


Global Machine Intelligence Summit (GMIS) is a top summit in China held by SYNCED. This year there are two main parts in GMIS: Sessions with six different themes and Intelligence Machine Exhibition (IME).

Suji will be the panelist of Session: AI Globalization.

Zhihu Live

Live Q&A: How's it like to run a startup in Japan

This Zhihu Live is in Chinese, but the speaker is also open to take any question in English. During this live, Suji will share his experiences about running an Internet Startup in Japan, as someone having both US/China background. All slides and Q&As will be translated into Japanese and English after the live:) hopes everyone enjoys it.

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